🙊Functionality & Rarity

ApeBets NFT, a groundbreaking fusion of NFT ownership and top-tier sports predictions.

The leading feature of Apebets NFT lies in its utility. Upon acquisition, you'll be integrated into our discord community, earning the HOLDERS Role status. This grants you exclusive access to our team of sports analysts, who provide daily sports predictions. Additionally, by staking your NFT, you become a vital part of a group betting pool, ensuring you receive a share of the community betting pool rewards. 20% of all initial NFT sales will go into the Ape Pot Betting Pool. With an additional 10% of NFT profits directed to fuel the Ape Pot Betting Pool.

Key Features:

Expert Team: Sports pros with an 65% + accuracy track record.

Predictive Power: Get ahead with consistently accurate insights.

Cost-Efficient: Unlock premium information without the hefty price tag.

Community Empowerment:

  • 20% Pooled Sales: Fueling community bets for shared success.

  • Your Role: Vote on bets and enjoy shared profits by staking your NFT.

Join us as we revolutionize NFT ownership and sports betting. Stay tuned for the ApeBets NFT sale and own a piece of the future. Let's make every bet an Apebets NFT.

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