Apebets NFT introduces an exceptional farming experience that yields in ($ABETS) and increased profit-sharing percentages for Apebets NFT holders.

Holders get to unlock enhanced profit-sharing opportunities by staking assets for extended durations. Essentially, the longer you stake, the greater your profit-sharing is. In addition, you will benefit from metadata progression. Your NFT will commence at the silver tier and ascend to gold, and finally platinum. This innovative system is designed to continue to earn you greater yields. All you have to do is stake for an extended timeframe. This will entitle you to a higher ROI of the Ape Pot winnings. We welcome you to a realm where your NFT evolves, unlocking greater rewards with every stride.

Staking Parameters

Staking - 3 Tiers (5555 Supply Available)

30 Days - Bronze/ 1% Boost

90 Days - Silver/ 1.5% Boost

160 Days - Gold/ 3% Boost

Earn ($ABETS) Rewards Per Staked NFT calculated in (APR of 200%)

Initial $ABETS Token Allocated to the Staking Pool = 1,000,000,000 (10%) of total supply.

With an adjusted Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 200%, the calculated daily rewards per NFT for each staking tier are as follows:

Daily Reward per NFT before applying any boost: Approximately 986.4 $ABETS

Bronze Tier Daily Reward (1% Boost) Approximately 996.26 $ABETS

Silver Tier Daily Reward (1.5% Boost): Approximately 1001.2 $ABETS

Gold Tier Daily Reward (3% Boost): Approximately 1015.99 $ABETS

Level Boosts:

-All Staked NFT's are automatically eligible for profit-sharing

-Engaging in staking with Apebets NFT not only unlocks additional perks but also boosts your profit- sharing potential.

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